Quick Start

1. Sign up for a Movalio account

When creating an account it is important to decide where do you want us to store your data.

At this moment you can choose between the United States and Europe. Here are direct links for your convenience:

During the sign up process you will be asked to choose which channels you want to use and details about your website/application. You will also need to verify your email address. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the account registration.

2. Integrate with your website

Install the embed script in the <head> section for all pages of your website. To get your code snippet:

  • Sign in to your Movalio account
  • Navigate to Integrations > Movalio API
  • Copy the embed script snippet

The code snippet looks like this:

<script async src="https://cdn.movalioapp.com/sdk-v2/app.js"></script>
window.Movalio = window.Movalio || []; function movalio(){ Movalio.push(arguments) }
movalio('config', { app_id: APP_ID, domain: 'DOMAIN' });

APP_ID and DOMAIN are specific for your account and application. You can get them from the Movalio API integration.

Web Push Channel Only

If you are using the web push notifications channel you need to create a sw.js file in the root of your site with the following content:


That’s it!

For additional details and how to send information from your website refer to Javascript SDK v2 or HTTP API v1.